Outsource Tasks, Projects & Processes

Myaa provides scalable cloud based manpower solutions to individuals, business and enterprise clients worldwide by leveraging pre-qualified virtual workers from around the world. Myaa can quickly provide virtual assistants, call center agents, back office processors, researchers, marketing specialist, engineers, programmers, certified project managers and much more. Plus if our clients need a team, Myaa can setup and manage a team from a few dozen, to several hundred or thousands. Our Myaas work out of our offices and are managed by our international management team.

Pay by the task, project or by the hour

Myaa is setup to work with you the way you like.
Whether at the office or on the road Myaa is there for you.

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Please Choose The Plan

Personal Overview

Your Myaa can handle tasks, make and take calls, manage your schedule, place orders, assist with planning, respond to emails and text, manage your FaceBook and twitter account, book your vacation, make dinner reservations and much more.

Starting at just $10/Month

Business Overview

Myaa can handle outbound/inbound calls, marketing, appointment setting, lead generation, perform surveys, manual tasks, research, data entry, HR, accounting, billing, collections, back office functions and much more.

Starting at just $49/Month

Enterprise Overview

Myaa creates custom solution for your business. By leveraging our global workforce we allow you to outsource key processes and projects. From a 200 agent call center to a million dollar logistics project Myaa can help.

What Does It Mean
To Be A Myaa?

To start, every Myaa must make it through a 2-week online boot camp before they are hired. After they are hired, we train them, supervise them, and manage them through our international management team that stretches the globe. We don't just pass our Myaas on to our clients; we manage them to ensure they perform successfully ongoing. They are 100% managed by us!

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Why Outsource

  • Virtual/Cloud based staff working remotely from our virtual office
  • We train, manage and oversee all tasks, projects that are given by you
  • You only pay when they are working, no cost for idle time
  • We provide computer, desk space, office equipment and onsite management
  • You save money and can delegate the responsibility to us
  • With Myaa, you can outsource in America or overseas, we have international staff

Getting Started Is Easy

  • 1
    Tell us what you want to accomplish and the duration.
  • 2
    We select the best Myaas based on your request and allow you to interview them if you choose.
  • 3
    We train and manage your Myaa(s) ongoing to insure quality results.
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