Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketing

Imagine the freedom of running simultaneous marketing campaigns and making decisions in seconds on which channels to use, what ads to run, what bids to make, and what are the best times and days to maximize the results for your investment.

What if you could do this and only had to provide some guidelines and a budget and sit back and watch all it all play out in real-time on your blockchain-driven dashboard? Well, with Marketplace Authority’s MYAA (MY Autonomous Assistant) to run your marketing campaigns, now you can.

Take your time back and enjoy marketing your business when you start using MYAA to handle everything for you. Marketing will never be the same again.

Autonomous Discovery & Targeting

With the amount of data coming in at any given time, and the rate and pace with which consumers evolve and change, finding customers and crafting and sending hyper-personalized messages remains one of the biggest hurdles for marketers. MYAA enables marketers to rapidly find and target both existing and entirely new audiences they may have never thought to target before by testing and combining thousands and thousands of variables at a rapid pace and scale. She looks at geography, demographics, behaviors and interests, as well as other customer data points to do this.

Find customers with MYAA’s autonomous discovery and targeting features.

Find the answers to these questions and more:

  • How does MYAA Discover and Target New Customers?
  • Where can I Find the Best List of Prospective Customers?
  • How can I Possibly Market to Individuals when Marketing to Large Lists?
  • What Autonomous Discovery and Targeting Solutions are Provided by Marketplace Authority and What are My Options?

Hyper-Testing & Optimization

MYAA automatically tests and launches hundreds of “micro campaigns,” each of them structured to test a strategy that her algorithm has identified as having a high probability of success. She not only tests hundreds of different campaign variants, but keeps them running long enough to determine which ones should be scaled up and which should be abandoned. MYAA will also tell you about the testing she has done and what she has found along her journey, as well as automatically apply those learnings when faced with similar situations in future digital, and offline, campaigns. MYAA leaves no stone unturned, testing and optimizing thousands of campaign variables in a fraction of the time it would take a human marketer.

Stop playing a guessing game with your marketing budget. Start working with MYAA and find out just how easy it can be to run your marketing campaigns.

Find the answers to these questions and more:

  • How can I Quickly Determine the Right Mix of Marketing for My Business?
  • Where Should I be Advertising to see the Best Results?
  • How can I Optimize My Marketing Budget, while Maximizing Sales?
  • What Testing and Optimization Solutions are Provided by Marketplace Authority and What are My Options?

AI-Driven Media Buying

Autonomous media buying is when an artificial intelligence marketing platform performs digital media buying for you. As opposed to the classic media buying system which is completely human dependent, autonomous media buying requires little to no human interaction or supervision. It also differs from programmatic systems in that those systems still require frequent, manual human intervention. These systems are also susceptible to widespread ecosystem inconsistencies such as ad fraud and viewability issues.

Let MYAA redefine the way you buy media using Artificial Intelligence!

Find the answers to these questions and more:

  • What is Autonomous Media Buying?
  • Is it Possible to Identify Where and When I Should be Spending My Marketing Budget?
  • How can I Ensure Complete Media Transparency with Blockchain?
  • What AI-Driven Media Buying Solutions are Provided by Marketplace Authority and What are My Options?

Infinite Analytics & Insights

MYAA is always learning, analyzing and offering proactive insights on what she has found and what she will, and you should do as the marketer, next. Channel investment decisions are made on the individual and combinational levels and are always evolving. She determines the respective attribution for each channel, the best mix of marketing investment, and offers proactive recommendations for the most efficient current, and future campaign environment.

Know with certainty that your marketing is working and how you can constantly improve the results!

Find the answers to these questions and more:

  • How can I Know When to Pivot My Marketing and Ad Spend?
  • What Should I be Adding to My Marketing Mix and When Should I Add It?
  • How do I Ensure that Beneficial Actions are Immediately Implemented?
  • What Analytics & Insights Solutions are Provided by Marketplace Authority and What are My Options?

Cross-Channel Execution

The benefits of MYAA’s cross-channel, cross-device expertise can only be described a new found freedom from the shackles of modern marketing. Revenue can be scaled quickly as MYAA identifies prospects previously unidentifiable with manual, siloed efforts. Concern for overspending and dedicating unnecessary man hours spent on underperforming efforts and channels are a thing of the past as MYAA makes the most accurate investment decisions possible while, at any given moment, based on her analysis and insights.

Start making marketing decisions based on your overall strategy, not bits and pieces of it!

Find the answers to these questions and more:

  • How do I Market across Channels without Unnecessary Overlap?
  • What is the Best Mix of Marketing Channels for Me this Month? What about Next Month?
  • How can I Ensure that I am Always Effectively using the Channels Available to Me?
  • What Cross-Channel Solutions are Provided by Marketplace Authority and What are My Options?

Our Happy Clients

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Your success is at the center of our business. We provide a wide range of marketing services, digital branding, development, and support services. Our services are all built on top of cutting-edge technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain. For that reason, we can deliver better results while saving our clients tons of money.

How good are we at what we do? Take it from some of the businesses Marketplace Authority have helped already. We let them speak for us.

  • What an amazing job and done so well! We are now looking for new animations project, we just need to find some time to plan a bit. Thank you again

    Rune Haakonsen
    Rune Haakonsen
    Kongsberg - Celebrating 200 years - Houston, TX
  • Marketplace Authority has been incredible. I was skeptical at first but they have been providing 10-15 quality leads to me per week, the service is awesome.

    Mike Leigh
    Mike Leigh
    C-Thru Sunrooms - Orange County, CA
  • I thought you guys would not be able to reach our high-end customer base but you proved me wrong. We have 8 Marketplace Authority agents now. Thanks

    Damian Klinger
    Damian Klinger - New York City
  • I have been with Marketplace Authority for 8 months and they have been great. We have 4 agents now and they are one of our primary lead sources.

    Jim Casparie
    Jim Casparie
    Fortress Environmental Holdings - Dallas, TX

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