What is Blockchain Digital Branding?

What token holders and potential customers are saying about us is more important than what we are saying about ourselves. Our digital branding efforts in the crypto world say a great deal about who we are and what value we provide to our token holders, prospective customers, clients, partners, members, or consumers. Nowhere has this been more apparent, than in the blockchain world that demands transparency.

Digital branding is about establishing your brand’s story and presence in the digital space and blockchain universe. Digital branding is the key to establishing a meaningful connection with your target audience. It’s about using your unique proposition to differentiate yourself and your offerings from the competition and establish legitimacy for your token offering.

Unfortunately, with the rapid pace of development of most crypto projects, the focus on your digital brand gets left behind and you are left to the whims of whatever the market might post about your project. That means that all of your effort to provide a great platform can be quickly tarnished by a troll or two, who want to impress the world with what they think they know, all at your expense!

While you focus on developing your business offering, let the team at Marketplace Authority focus on helping you to tell the world how great it is.

Our Services

Digital Identity Development

We focus on the two powerful mediums used to build your digital identity – content marketing and social media.

Brand Visibility Management

We focus on maximizing the effectiveness of your brand visibility. This includes your touchpoints, digital advertising, and SEO.

Brand Credibility Monitoring

Digital Branding is not only about building Identity and Visibility, but also about tying it all together to naturally foster Credibility.

Our Process

We make sure that your project is listed on all major review sites and that you maintain the highest score possible at all times.

Listing on Top Crypto Rating Sites

We verify that your project is listed with 40+ rating sites as well as ensure that they have the most up-to-date information.

List Items to Help Boost Your Score

While we discourage things like buying reviews, we know what stats each sites prioritizes and provide you a list to keep your scores high.

Ongoing Monitoring Activities

Because new reviews can appear at any time, we'll keep an eye on what's being said about your company.

Provide Some Helpful Resources

We also maintain relationships with many sites, such as bloggers and video reviewers who can help you out, many times even for free or tokens.

What’s Your Story?

We would love to talk about your brand’s story and how we can help convey that to the world. Feel free to schedule a call at your convenience and let’s have a quick chat. While you are at it, start a 30-day FREE Trial and see first-hand how we work to build your brand.


What is Digital Marketing vs. Branding?

While Digital Marketing involves generating consumer interest and demand by promoting your services and products, Digital Branding is more about raising brand awareness, demonstrating brand value, and establishing brand equity. Building your brand is about creating consumer trust and willingness to recommend you to their friends.

While the success of your marketing is determined by how well the message that you want to communicate is received, the success of branding lies in the ability for the consumer to decide these things about your brand for themselves. This consumer confidence usually starts with what they see as others’ perception of your brand, so getting the word out there is very important.

For an ICO, this usually starts with what information can be found on the top ratings sites, because this is the easiest place to find it and they usually top the search results. The key is to make sure that what is being said about you is accurate and provides a good picture of your company.

Rating Consultants

Let our team of ICO rating consultants setup and manage your reputation across over 40 ratings sites worldwide. Based on our knowledge of their requirements, as well as direct access to many of their data managers, we are able to quickly get you setup and then keep your information always up to date. Additionally, we provide you with weekly reports to let you know what items can help to keep your scores high, or need to be worked on to bring some ratings up.

Reputation is everything

In business, your reputation is everything. Thanks to social media and ICO review sites like ICObench, you can build a great online reputation fast. There’s just one problem: The Internet moves fast and the crypto world moves even faster, and if you take your eye off of the ratings sites your score can plummet as quickly as you rose to that coveted 5-star rating. Let us keep an eye on it for you, so you can spend your time focused on what is driving your business forward.

What We Provide

Our skilled team uses our knowledge of ICO-specific digital branding techniques and tools, as well as tools that work for any brand. The Digital Branding services we provide include:

  • Creation and Maintenance of ICO rating sites;
  • Monitoring rating sites for items that can help immediately improve your ranking;
  • Introduction of additional tools and services that can raise your brand awareness;
  • Integration with our SEO tools to build your brand awareness;
  • Consultation regarding your email and social media marketing strategy targeted to building your brand;
  • Suggestions on hacks to quickly improve your digital brand.

Our Expertise

We have spent the last couple of years working in the fast-paced arena of crypto digital branding. Our team includes numerous advisors that come from many of the top companies providing services within this field, so that we can stay on top of the most recent trends.

We offer services primarily for business that are focused on the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Public perception is vitally important, but our proprietary solutions are also focused on what drives sales for your products or services.

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  • 40+ Listing Sites with Weekly Reporting
  • 4 Published Medium Articles + Social Distribution
  • 10 Custom Telegram Banners Monthly
  • 50K Emails Sent to ICO Investors Monthly
  • 1 Custom Explainer Video Monthly
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Month to Month Service
  • Quarterly and Annual Discounts Available
  • 5% Discount on Additional Services



  • 7 Listing Sites with Weekly Reporting
  • 1 Published Medium Article + Social Distribution
  • 2 Custom Telegram Banners Monthly
  • 10K Emails Sent to ICO Investors Monthly
  • Custom Designed Explainer Video
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Month to Month Service
  • Quarterly and Annual Discounts Available
  • Discount on Additional Services

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2 Savings when compared to the total cost of the items in the package purchased separately.

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Our Happy Clients

WhatClients Say

Your success is the center of our business. We work on Community Management, Digital Branding, Email Marketing, Social Media Management & Marketing, Video Explainers & Marketing and help clients source Promotional Products.

How good are we at what we do? Take it from some of the businesses Marketplace Authority have helped already. We let them speak for us.

  • What an amazing job and done so well! We are now looking for new animations project, we just need to find some time to plan a bit. Thank you again

    Rune Haakonsen
    Rune Haakonsen
    Kongsberg - Celebrating 200 years - Houston, TX
  • Marketplace Authority has been incredible. I was skeptical at first but they have been providing 10-15 quality leads to me per week, the service is awesome.

    Mike Leigh
    Mike Leigh
    C-Thru Sunrooms - Orange County, CA
  • I thought you guys would not be able to reach our high-end customer base but you proved me wrong. We have 8 Marketplace Authority agents now. Thanks

    Damian Klinger
    Damian Klinger
    Jets.com - New York City
  • I have been with Marketplace Authority for 8 months and they have been great. We have 4 agents now and they are one of our primary lead sources.

    Jim Casparie
    Jim Casparie
    Fortress Environmental Holdings - Dallas, TX

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